Tons and tons of pictures,

Placed perfectly pervading space

All over the surface



Oh so many pictures,

Shining still settling on the spread

All over the surface



Not only are there pictures,

But there can be much more

Writing riding round the range

All over the surface



A lot of time there’s writing,

Big letters

Small letters

Written all over the surface.



Doesn’t have to be a sentence

There can be just words,

Wonderful words with wise meanings

All over the surface.



Packed with thoughts and depth

Deep dreams with distinct deliberation

All over the surface.


Collected crafts form keeping creations

Creations called,


Makeup Makes Up a Person, Therefore: It’s Art :)


Bad Eye-Makeup
Bad Eye-Makeup
Good Eye Make-up
Good Eye Make-up

So you’re probably thinking, “What’s up with this girl, isn’t she meant to be writing about art?”… Well, I have the perfect response to that. Makeup is art because a true artist can make one stunning with just a little bit of it, while a bad artist can use so much and yet look terrifying. (I have proven that with the four pictures above and below) Makeup is the icing on a cake. It is a layer of delight over an already scrumptious creation that decorates it into something even more yummy and beautiful. Makeup speaks to the eyes of the viewer and tells a story; a story of who you are, or what you are feeling. To me, one shouldn’t wear makeup if they really don’t need it and if they do they should use it as the icing on a cake, (as mentioned before) sweet, light, and colorful.  As said earlier, makeup is art, but I believe the most artistic and important part of it comes from the eye.  The eye is extremely essential in exhibiting extreme and enticing exquisiteness especially towards the opposite gender. (How’s that for alliteration???) A beautiful eye to me is dark enough to allow your eyes to stand out, but not too dark because that just looks monster-like. A beautiful eye allows the viewer to capture your personality which is why I personally enjoy colorful eye-makeup that uses shading and blending plus little sparks of shimmer for it to look somewhat natural yet seductive, eye-catching, and just attractive. There is just one very important thing to remember with colorful eye makeup because I don’t want you to get me wrong… Wearing colorful eyeliner and eye make up should not make you look like a clown or a crazy peacock! The only way you can get away with looking like that is if you are in some crazy art fashion show (trust me, i would know…) or if you’re trying to be like Lady Gaga. DON’T TRY TO LOOK LIKE LADY GAGA!!! Seriously, she is an extreme don’t for makeup tips. I know I’m not like a professional in this topic but I know for a fact that her looks are ATROCIOUS. Yes, her music is catchy but she makes herself look like a living devil, ready to creep into your room when you are asleep and horrify you with her wicked, dark, and haunting looks. This is my view of what she looks like even though I love her catchy and dancy tunes. I do know some people who enjoy her outrageous looks and costumes but honestly they scare me. I would much prefer something simple and still unique but I feel that she may be trying too much to stand out. I really can’t say… To get back on topic though, Lady Gaga makeup is still art and it does give out her personality (if you know what I mean) even though it is not something I enjoy viewing. Art is everything. Art is the way you can see different shapes through clouds or the designs on a butterfly’s wing, and even Lady Gaga make up can be considered art…

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
.Stay Away from Gothic Makeup
Stay Away from Gothic Makeup
Simple Makeup Always wins
Simple Makeup Always wins

This is My Kind of Art. This is Sharpie Art ;)

Sharpie___ConverseIMG_3107IMG_3103Sharpie doodle art

Whenever the word “art” comes to mind, people think of sophisticated paintings and detailed sculptures full of intricate and perfect designs, but I don’t. It bugs me when people think of the word “art” that way. To me art is everything; it is how the clouds in the sky can be seen as different shapes, or the patterns that come on the wings of butterflies. It just bugs me how when the word “art” is mentioned people think of it as just the obvious, and they don’t realize how much meaning this one word has. As you have probably noticed, I try to bring out styles of art that aren’t just the norm like watercolor or oil paint, as I try to chose styles that are more creative and unique.

So what have I chosen this time you ask? This is a style that I like to mention as my own, a style that you can do so much with, and it is a style that one will never get bored from. This is what I like to call Sharpie Art. So basically, Sharpie Art is a combination of all the different patterns that you can make on any material that allows it to just look cooler. Some examples of this are when teenagers color their Converses to give it a more personal look, or when I try to get rid of the plainness of my binder by doodling on it during class :P.  To me this kind of art is more than just “art”, as personalizing your stationary and your belongings allows you to really deepen your thoughts about who you are as a person, and I believe that with sharpie art, one can express who they are to the rest of the world and most importantly, their peers. Not only is working with sharpies fun, it gives me a chance to add flavor to my possessions in a way that no other person can. Sharpies are easy to work with, as they don’t need another substance to be mixed with unlike watercolor, and they also come in many extraordinary colors which I love!

Now, I call it Sharpie Art, but that does not mean that I don’t incorporate other methods and styles into it. What I mean is, when I am personalizing some of my things like my planner, I use other tools like colored pencils and especially highlighters to give it a jazzier look. I like to use whatever I can to decorate my things myself, and I prefer my own work than just buying something that looks cool from the store. The feeling I get after I have beautified my things is a proud one, and it makes me feel like I have accomplished something. I just don’t like bought items that are meant to look nice, in general.

But there is one thing that may look as a negative side to this kind of art for some people. Honestly, I have seen people comment on some of my “art works” as sloppy or just not organized, and I guess some people would rather have their stuff be plain, which I don’t like. I just have to say that I don’t let those kind of people keep me from doing what I like to do, but sometimes I do realize that just doodling for fun on something ruins it. Sharpie Art to me only works if what you are doing is improving the looks of the object, or at least gets your emotions out in the way you wished to express them. Sharpie Art is just so much fun, and I love it so!

Simple 4

Compound 8

Complex 6

Compound-Complex 4

Sand Sculpting

Grain by grain, with just a little bit a water added to each addition, sand sculpting is just another form of art….

sand castle

Ever remember how going to the beach was when you were a child? Ever remember those days where you may have spent hours and hours trying to build a “sand castle” with just a plain shovel and a bucket? Do you ever remember how you would put so much of your time and effort trying to get a perfect block of sand to come out of your cheap little bucket? You couldn’t even do that, or once you were finally successful, the mean ocean would come and ruin your “masterpiece” that you have put so much work and sweat into. Oh well, if you never felt any of these feelings then you must just be one of those people who are perfect in everything who nobody likes because they make everybody else feel lame. I, on the other hand, was a normal child who gave up on trying to attempt to make “sand castles” in my youth and now I am satisfied by being able to tip over a bucket of sand the right way.

Recently I visited what is called the Qatar Marine Festival. I didn’t have enough time to watch any of the cool shows or check out every section, but I was able to examine the talent of many powerful artists who put so much of their time and effort to create beautiful sculptures that looked very realistic that it looked much more real than a nice painting would. The sculptures created were very creative and the ideas were extraordinary. The sculptors (or should I call them architects) were able to create beautiful marine scenes that fit with the surrounding environment to add to the fascinating views in the Cultural Village.


Sand sculpting is a form of art that needs a lot of patience and concentration to be successful in. This is why sand sculptors are very rare and they are not that common

amongst the average people. Basically the tools used are nothing more than shovels, buckets, fingers, and possibly some simple carving tools apart from the obvious sand and water. To make my point clear to all, I would like to say strait-forwardly that sand sculpting is not just some children’s thing that should not be respected as a kind of art. Sand sculpting is a sophisticated kind of carving and it is considered architecture. Sand sculpting is very difficult and, a very unique form of art.







Enticing with its beauty, authentic with its detail… This is henna.


Henna is a form of art that is so common in the Middle East that it can be known as the most popular kind of Arabic and Indian art. Henna is mostly used for dyeing hair or skin, but the most ubiquitous form is through the body art. The designs that can be created with henna on the body are not just attractive and elite, but they leave many dumbfounded and in awe.

Henna is originally a multi-branched plant that is native to Africa and southern Asia.This is pretty credible to believe if you ask me since henna is such a natural substance. Basically, the denotation for the word henna is a tall green plant with many leaves while the connotation (or at least the more understood meaning) for the word is a chocolate-colored paste used in making designs on the body.The liquid-like brown henna that is found in a cone is created from smashing the plant’s leaves into unfathomable pieces and adding other substances to it to make some form of a powder. The powder is then mixed with lemon juice or strong tea to become the toothpaste-like material used when designing.

In the form of body art, the henna paste that is created by the leaves is inserted into a wrapped cone-shaped object. The tip of the cone is very thin and it has a diminutive hole at top. The artist/stylist holds on to the cone very lightly as the henna paste slowly removes from the cone. The lady (in most cases) draws repeated patterns along the design mostly with the shapes of flowers or leaves as well as small geometric shapes. Henna is mostly drawn on the hand or arm but it can be used for the foot, ankle, or even on the back.

Ironically, I feel that henna is not always seen as a kind of art through he eyes of the Indians or the Arabs, but a traditional custom for Middle Eastern’s to exhibit at functions or parties, and they feel quite nonchalant and casual about it.

Personally, I enjoy getting henna done and practicing myself on my siblings and friends. Sometimes I feel hitched towards this form of art as I love how it is not as fake as one of those stick-on tattoos, but a sophisticated form of body art that is appreciated world-wide. Henna is a cultural concept in the Middle East but getting it done and doing it is a joy that many people world-wide have.

Persian Calligraphy

Persian calligraphy is one of my favorite styles of art. It is very beautiful and traditional for the Persian culture. Not only does it consist of writing though, it is delicately decorated with a border called Tazheeb. Tazheeb is made up of repeated small and intricate designs that are painted carefully with a thin brush.  The calligraphy is used for writing famous Iranian poems, parts from the Holy Quran, and keywords such as love or happiness in an artistic way. The calligraphy is written with a flat-headed bamboo pen dipped in many different colors of ink. A lot of the time the writing in the calligraphy is used in black and decorated with colors to have balance.

What I love most about Persian calligraphy is that it is not only normal written words and writing, but a way to expose the true charm of Iranian literature to the world in a very creative way. Most pieces of calligraphy come with scenes of watercolor, pencil, or ink painting. To me, the point of Persian calligraphy is to show many different forms of artistry. It isn’t all about the writing but more about how the calligraphist decides to bring out the words in a design that is both original and appealing to look at.

1moshiri To the right is one example of Persian calligraphy. As you can see, in the top-right corner of the picture, the different colors blend together and give it a cloudy appearance. The writing may not be colorful but the different sizes and positions adds its own special effect which I really enjoy.

There are many different forms of the writing itself, but there are two main kinds. Nastaaliq and Shekasteh are the main writing syles. Nastaaliq is the more common form and it is like typing in a way. The picture at the write is in the Shekasteh form and it drags the ink in a way for some letters to look longer than others.  nastaliqTo the right is an example of the Nastaaliq  style. As you can see, it is bolder and does not stretch as much as the other kind.

Honestly, I believe that I could go on and on about Persian calligraphy and how much I enjoy seeing it and writing it myself and how much joy it brings to me. It is different from other arts as it can incorporate anything you wish for it too, and it brings out one’s true personality.